About: Dan Bolton

Tea Biz offers insight in real-time for beverage professionals scanning daily news items about their trade. Topics include articles of interest to senior executives, tea retailers, tea sommeliers, growers and processors, importers and exporters, tea researchers, marketers, brokers and auction specialists, government officials, tea boards and associations and those involved in transportation and logistics as well as attorneys, legislators and specialists spanning the supply chain.

The intent is to draw from the deep well of experience of members to enrich the understanding of all.


I write weekly for Tea Biz and contribute to STiR coffee and tea. My work has appeared in Fresh Cup and CoffeeTalk and several other beverage retail publications. I am the former editor-in-chief of Specialty Coffee Retailer and and the founding Editor and Publisher of World Tea News. I was editor and publisher during the successful re-launch of Tea Magazine in 2012. I have travelled widely the past three years speaking at conferences in Dubai, UAE (Global Dubai Tea Forum in 2016, 2014 and 2012); World Tea Expo (2011-2019); the Canadian Coffee & Tea Show (2011); Coffeefest; World Tea East and at the Toklai Tea Research Center Centennial near Jorhat, India (2011). In 2012 I addressed the India International Tea Convention in Goa and toured several tea gardens in Assam. I have also presented in China at both the Xiamen International Trade Forum and the Pu’er Specialty Coffee conference and exposition (2019) in Yunnan.

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