About: Si Chen


I am a tea journalist and tea taster specializing in Chinese teas. I am one of the two founding editors for Tea Journey Magazine, the only magazine that feature in-depth stories on fine teas’ craftsmanship. I cover news stories for World Tea News and STiR Coffee & Tea Magazine, with specialization on Chinese teas and the Chinese tea industry, as well as regular translation for STiR’s Asia pamphlet.

Besides tea journalism, I am also a Tea Sommelier® certified by the Tea Association of Canada (in 2015) and a Tea Art Master certified by China’s National Vocational Qualification (in 2014). I have received training from both classroom and tea professionals by visiting tea markets, consulting and interviewing tea businessmen and growers, and travelling to tea producing regions in China.

With extensive contacts in the tea industry in mainland China, I have covered the retail trends in China to English-speaking tea professionals, and can offer consultation for Chinese tea business on overseas product marketing strategies. In Winnipeg, Canada, I have conducted tea workshops for the business and private sectors and design tea souvenirs for various events. Apart from tea, I have coordinated various projects including translation, gala and ski trip.

I have completed my B.A in Philosophy from the University of Toronto, and M.A in Philosophy from the University of Manitoba. I am native in Mandarin Chinese and fluent in English.