Tea Biz Helps You Share Your Tea Story

You know what makes your company unique. You’ve committed countless hours to developing your business plan, sourcing product, and trying to reach customers. Like all of us, you do this work because you are passionate about tea. But do your communications reflect that enthusiasm? Is your website more than a list of products and prices? Does it truly let your customers know who you are and why you do this work?

Sometimes doing the work is the easy part. Explaining your work can be harder. We want to help you make sure that your website, brochures, catalogs and newsletters reflect the heart, soul, and essence of your personality.

We created this business to help people just like you. Dan has spent decades in publishing and journalism, honing his skills in capturing the critical pieces of a story, conducting diligent research, and writing accurate and informative business reports and papers. Katrina came to this work by developing her own successful tea blog, writing and editing for consumer and trade publications and copywriting for the tea industry. Together we are able to offer a full-service custom content and copywriting service for tea businesses.


Evaluations and assessments of social media strategies

Developing new content for websites and proofreading existing sites

Creation of press kits

Preparing white papers, corporate histories, and executive profiles

Article writing for newsletters and other print materials

Editing and ghost writing tea book manuscripts

Compiling festival and conference booklets

Whether you need content for your newsletters, an evaluation of your website and social media strategies, white papers, a corporate history, press releases or technical and business reports, we can help. Contact us for rates and to discuss your company’s needs.


Dan’s Specialties

Dan has authored more than 500 articles on beverage retail dating to 1995. His work has appeared in more than a dozen trade and consumer publications. He has previously been the Editor/Publisher of Tea Magazine; Editor/Publisher World Tea News; Executive Editor Specialty Coffee Retailer; founder of Natural Food magazine and former CEO of California Beverage Publications (Beverage Bulletin and Patterson’s Beverage Journal). His work has appeared in all the above titles as well as CoffeeTalk, Fresh Cup, Cheers and STiR magazine.

Areas of Focus: Retail Performance Indicators, Tea Sourcing (India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Japan, China), and Certifications: Organic (NOP) | Fair trade | Rainforest Alliance | Ethical Partnership

Katrina’s Specialties

Katrina has been writing about tea since 2007. She founded the Tea Pages blog that year and has since published tea articles in Yankee Magazine, Connecticut Magazine, the Tea and Coffee Trade Journal, Fresh Cup, and World Tea News. She was Senior Editor for Tea Magazine and in that capacity interviewed Andrew Weil and Padma Lakshmi and visited the White House. She has completed Level 1 and 2 certification through the Specialty Tea Institute as well as Jane Pettigrew’s Tea Masterclass in London. In 2011 she published her first book, a collection of tea-inspired essays by writers from across the globe, titled “A Tea Reader: Living Life One Cup at a Time.”

Areas of Focus: Caffeine | Antioxidants | Health related topics, Mergers and Acquisitions, New Product Trends, and Consumer Experiences the Industry

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