Friday Roundtable: Caffeine Questions

My regular readers know that caffeine is a topic of particular interest to me. Tea drinkers are often in search of information about caffeine content in their cup and, unfortunately, the information disseminated is often based on rumor and tradition versus current research and science.

We covered some of the myth and lore of caffeine on Tea Biz previously (article) but I’m always interested in what other tea enthusiasts and experts have to say.

* What are the most frequent caffeine questions that come your way?

* What questions would you like answered by future research?

BTW – If you haven’t yet read Kevin Gascoyne’s Tea: History, Terroirs, and Varieties, it’s an excellent addition to the conversation. His team at Camellia Sinensis has been working on putting science behind our answers with chemical analyses of caffeine and antioxidant levels in various teas.

– By Katrina Ávila Munichiello, 2013

One thought on “Friday Roundtable: Caffeine Questions

  1. Hi Katrina,

    The attached will interest you ?!

    Maybe also the following comparison between tea and coffee is an additional piece for your file:

    Both have 2 main varieties,

    One grows low in hot + humid environment: needs more caffeine to fight pests: robusta coffee and camellia sin. Assamica

    One grows high up, cool nights , less pests: lower caffeine , Arabica coffee and camellia sin.var Sin.

    A multi facet debate that remains very topical;



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    19 Avenue Victor Hugo

    75116 PARIS, FRANCE

    Tel.: +33 1 45 01 82 15

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